About me

My name is Rick van Kalmthout. I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Breda in 2014.
There I followed the course International Game Architecture & Design for a bachelor degree in 3D Visual Art.

In my final year I worked on a Graduation Project, there I created a real-time character transformation working in the Unreal Development Kit.
The transformation animation for this project was a humanoid character model that can transform into a monster character model.

Within my four years of study I have worked on atleast two games which have been published. One was created during one of the team projects at our school. It was a 14 man team project for an excisting client. The game is called Van Gogh’s Zundert and it has been released since 30th march 2013. The second one is called Bounden, a dance game for your smartphone from the indie developer Game Oven. It was released on the market place since June 2014 and after its release it has been nominated numerous times and won multiple awards.

My specialities are Art direction and technical art.
Creating a vision and style for the look and feel for games and franchises.

Creating visuals, Concept art, 3D models & Animation.


Contact Information:
+31 (0) 623215936
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