Graduation Project


The aim of the graduation project was to create a polished real-time 3D character with a transformation animation in-game working in the Unreal Development Kit. The goal of it all was to finish a detailed / polished project within the field of 3D Visual Art. Which in the end made me able to graduate for a bachelor degree in 3D Visual Art.

The transformation animation for this project is a humanoid character model that can transform into a monster character model. To be more specific it is a human character with two forms. The first form is a bipedal werewolf, so the human character can transforms into a bipedal werewolf. The second form is a quadruped werewolf, this means that the bipedal werewolf is able to transform into the quadruped werewolf.

This project gave me the opportunity to go through multiple stage of a development; from character creation and sculpting, to rigging, skinning and animation, as well as the technical implementation of the animations in UDK. For me personally it was a great learning experience, and being able to show all the knowledge and experience I have gained of the course of my studies.

РAutodesk Maya 
РAutodesk Mudbox 
– Adobe Photoshop
– Unreal Development Kit