Van Gogh’s Zundert

Was a team project with the goal to create a point and click adventure game with pre-rendered backgrounds.
The game was commisioned by the Vincent van Gogh Huis, a museum in Zundert and can now be played on their website,

Our main goal was to rebuild the town of Zundert as it was in 1864. My role was to make sure all the artists followed the art style that was requested by the client. To accomplish this we had a lot of reference images at our disposal. During the development feedback was given by the client which I had to redirect to the artists.

I also wrote documentation and plannings to keep everything on shedule. And within the project I had the task to do quality assurance on the models that where created by the artists, set up the scenery, the camera’s, the lighting and rendering in Maya/Vray.

РSet-up environments, camera’s and lights within Maya
– Rendering and post production of the backgrounds
– 3D modelling and texturing
– Quality assurance of all game models
– Additional character animations